• drugtesting

    Drug Testing

    According to the American Council for Drug Education, drug abusers are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in an accident at work, 10 times more likely to miss work, and 5 times more likely to…

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  • dietclinic

    Lipo B Shot Fact List

    A LIPO SHOT is a combination of all natural ingredients designed to burn fat and increase energy. When combined with a diet and exercise program, reports show this combination to improve Weight Loss up to 1…

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  • tiredbusinesswoman

    Vitamin B-12 Facts and Info

    Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that is commonly found in a variety of foods such as fish, shellfish, meat, and dairy products. It helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is…

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  • iStock_000010671104Small

    Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

    Influenza Virus Facts Influenza is a contagious respiratory virus. It varies from a mild to severe illness and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting the seasonal…

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  • iStock_000008243568Small

    Vaccinations and Wellness Shots

    Immunization Pricing Seasonal Flu $25.00 Pneumonia $50.00 Hepatitis A $75.00/dose Hepatitis B $65.00/dose Shingles (Zostavax) $205.00 Wellness Pricing Vitamin B12 $20.00 Lipo $25.00 TB Skin Test $25.00 Testosterone shot

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